Reagan Sports

Our Mission

To support, develop, improve, and enrich!

Since 2005, the dedicated volunteers involved with the Reagan High School Athletic Booster Club have worked diligently to fulfill our stated mission, to enrich, improve, develop, and support all student-athletes and athletic programs at Reagan High School. Over that 15-year span, our Booster Club has raised and expended over $1 million dollars on behalf of Reagan High School Athletics, and this year’s Board of Directors proudly works every day to continue that tradition. 

Often people ask what exactly does the Booster Club do? To put it simply, our volunteers work tirelessly in support of our mission. Our efforts can be best expressed as follows:

Support – our support of Reagan Athletics is designed to afford each student-athlete the opportunity to compete in their chosen sport, and do so the whatever level they wish to achieve.

Develop – our commitment to development centers on our efforts to assure every student-athlete the opportunity to hone their skills with the best possible facilities and equipment.

Improve – our commitment to improve centers on our efforts to allow every student-athlete the ability to take their game to the next level.

Enrich – enrichment centers on our efforts to provide our student-athletes the greatest possible high school athletic experience.

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